Would You Rather Talk Through It?

Podcast Equipment Procurement

Most podcasters spend between $100 and $300 on their initial gear. However, the vast majority of our clients only need to spend around $100 provided they already have a computer, HD web camera, and a virtual conference subscription such as Zoom (~$15/mo). A USB microphone and set of earbuds will have you recording online/remote conversations quickly. You do not need to blow your budget out of the water on equipment and we can help you procure an inexpensive setup to get started. If you want to upgrade to a more expensive setup or in-person studio setting, we would recommend that beginners wait until they’ve been doing it a while to make those investments.

Drop Shipping Custom Gifts To Guests

We cannot overstate the importance of inviting your current and future stakeholders (i.e. ideal buyers) as featured guests to your show because they will directly contribute to your return on investment and impact. Cultivating and building these relationships is the key to podcasting and ABM to have a sustainable impact on your business growth. One of the most meaningful ways you can make a lasting impression is to send your featured guests a customized gift after your episode collaborations. We create customized gifts to drop ship to guests on your behalf and can help you create a systemized plan to do this consistently, on a budget, and with little effort.

Blogging & Written Content Writing

Our team of content creators will often have the capacity to take on additional projects to help you create more content like social media posts, blogs, infographics, website page copy, and even ghost-written books.

Let Us Know You’re Interested In Our Add-Ons

Thank you for your interest in these services! We we look forward to working with you and will be in touch to answer any further questions about getting started after you submit this form to our team.