Greenhouse Case Study

Boosting Greenhouse Software’s All-Hands Zoom Meetings with Storytelling, Engagement & Inclusion


Greenhouse Software conducts monthly company-wide Zoom meetings for over 800 global employees in a distributed environment with 20+ nationalities represented. They were looking for a way to elevate their meetings and provide a meaningful experience for all participants. They reached out to People First Elevation Team, a partnership between Highroad Global Services and Chat With Leaders Media, to help them design and facilitate engaging, inclusive meetings.


The People Experience Leadership team at Greenhouse Software had a strong desire to create valuable events, especially the virtual All-Hands meeting, but had limited capacity to do so. With the demands of meeting every month, the team found it difficult to create an inclusive environment that allowed diverse voices to be heard and recognized. They were also struggling to engage employees in a meaningful way through a virtual setting. Furthermore, team members in the EMEA region were attending meetings at inconvenient times and needed more equitable scheduling.


People First Elevation Team (PFET) brought their expertise in experience design and DEI to help Greenhouse Software elevate their monthly All-Hands meetings. PFET also provided technical support during the meetings to ensure smooth operations. The team worked closely with the client to create interactive sessions that allowed for meaningful dialogue and connection. They also widened diverse representation, including guest Emcees and storytellers, which more accurately reflected Greenhouse’s commitment to belonging and inclusion.

To address the challenge of limited capacity, PFET provided additional support for the Greenhouse Software’s People Experience Leadership team to alleviate the technical aspects of producing virtual meetings. Additionally, the team rotated time zones to make the meetings more equitable for team members in the EMEA region. PFET also established an equity tracking system for more intentional presenter selection.


Greenhouse Software was extremely satisfied with the services provided by the People First Elevation Team. The client took their monthly company-wide Zoom meetings to the next level by incorporating elements of experience design and inclusivity. 

The meetings were more engaging and interactive, and employees felt more connected to each other and the company as a whole. Additionally, the technical support provided by PFET allowed the Greenhouse team to feel more supported and less overwhelmed during all phases of planning and production. The time zone rotation made it easier for team members in the EMEA region to attend the meetings.

Employees are showing overwhelming support in their feedback surveys that they enjoy these meetings and find them a valuable use of their time. The surveys indicate that the meetings have helped them feel more connected to their colleagues and to the company, and that they appreciate the focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The quantitative measures of the engagement surveys show a significant increase in positive responses since the partnership with People First Elevation Team began.


The work done by the People First Elevation Team had a significant impact on Greenhouse Software’s organizational culture. The meetings helped to reignite the client’s love for meaningful dialogue and the importance of experience design in every meeting. The technical support provided by People First Elevation Team was also invaluable in allowing the team to focus on facilitating and engaging with the participants. The People First Elevation Team helped Greenhouse leadership manage the technical aspects of the meetings, and allowed the client to provide valuable event experiences to the employees on a monthly basis.

In addition, the support provided by the People First Elevation Team had a significant impact on the client personally. They felt that the team provided grounding energy, support, and inspiration, all of which were invaluable during the stressful and overwhelming times. The balance of challenge and support provided by the team was a gift that had a lasting impact on the client.


People First Elevation Team, a partnership between Highroad Global Services and Chat With Leaders Media, provided valuable services that positively impacted both Greenhouse Software’s organizational culture and personal well-being. By elevating their monthly company-wide meetings, the client was able to increase employee engagement and satisfaction while also reinforcing their core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The success of this partnership serves as a testament to the importance of experience design and inclusivity in creating meaningful and impactful events.