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Chat with Leaders Media is your go-to collaborator for expertly crafting and presenting your unique brand story. Whether it’s through a captivating branded podcast, dynamic corporate event content, or impactful internal media communications, we are committed to delivering excellence.

Our passion lies in partnering with purpose-driven brands. We are the ideal choice for organizations that put people first, teams seeking sustainable solutions, and those aiming to make a meaningful difference. Let us help amplify your voice and showcase your brand’s distinct values and vision.

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Podcast Strategy & Launch

Audio & Video Production

Corporate Event Production

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When the time came to take our concept from the drawing board to reality, we were in good hands with Chat with Leaders Media. Jeff’s and his team’s knowledge and passion for storytelling and podcasting helped us get into the rhythm of this new venture.

Chat With Leaders Media’s process and collaboration kept us organized and excited for each episode. We’re proud of the quality and professionalism of the end product and being able to offer this additional touch point when speaking to prospects.

Listen to guests chat about the future of employee experience here.

John Duisberg
Co-founder, Cooleaf
Co-host, The Cooleaf Podcast (fka: “The Great Retention”)

Here’s How We Help Purpose Driven Brands

Corporate Event Services

  • Event planning services (structured agenda, coordinating speakers)
  • Audio and video equipment and setup for event, panel, conference
  • Live podcast recordings at events or conferences, including interview and audio and video on camera
  • On-the-spot interviews set up with tripod and lighting, along with microphones for high-quality recordings
  • Recording 2-camera set up for panel discussions on a stage
  • 3rd camera B-roll footage capture for enriched video content
  • Promotional video for event

Audio & Video Services

  • On-site or remote podcast recording services
  • Audio & video podcast strategy, format, and frequency planning
  • Guest outreach services for podcast interviews
  • Project timeline & budget management for podcast production
  • Scripting services for podcast episodes
  • Trailer production for podcast promotion
  • Video & audio production for podcast episodes
  • Creation of podcast promotional assets
  • In-person corporate event audio & visual set-up and recording services

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