Jessica Matthews

Host, How I Create Me Podcast, Atlanta, GA

We launched our brand new podcast exceeding my expectations. Also, some of the earlier feedback I’ve gotten is from the guests on the show, and they’ve said this was the most professional and well-organized production they’ve been a part of in podcasting. In addition, listeners have said that they found the questions to be compelling, it’s very easy to find, and it’s great material.

Chat With Leaders Media helped me develop a 16-episode podcast idea that addressed my target clients for my consulting business — the product is an added value that will allow me to network with potential clients by inviting them to be guests on my show.

They do the reaching out of the list of guests we came up with, the scheduling, and the pre-production planning, including coming up with the interview questions for me. Then, they take all of the production notes during the planning call and design the questions for the final recording. Their team is also present for the interview, and they do all the post-production and delivery of the episode into the Omni broadcast tool. The shooting is done over Zoom — they do have the in-studio option, but I haven’t elected to do that because I can accommodate guests from all over the world.

Afterward, they do all the audio engineering to produce the episode and include a few custom graphics that I can use to promote the podcast on social media once it goes live. They also upload the final product to the podcast aggregator and give me the materials to post them myself.

Project management has been great; the episodes have been released on time once we went live. In terms of communication, we use phone calls, email, Slack, and Trello.

The thorough pre-production process distinguishes them from the competition; they do a lot of great research on the guests and ensure that the questions we’re asking are getting to a great story for the listeners. They also make the guests feel comfortable and celebrated — they create a product that the guests are proud to share.