Communicating As A Leader During COVID

While this original blog post was published 11 years ago as our country was starting to recover from The Great Recession, much of the tips on communicating as a leader remain relevant.

Unlike the financial crisis, the pandemic is a threat to the entire world and it’s invisible until you or someone you know is infected with the virus. Many employees remain scared and anxious as information and numbers related to the virus are constantly changing. The leaders I work with have been following these additional guidelines when communicating with employees.

Be Transparent

Let your team know that you don’t have all the answers and when you have more information you will share it with them

Get Personal

Each employee is faced with a unique set of circumstances that will impact their work. The more you know the more you can adapt your communications and support to employees’ specific needs.

Be Agile

The pandemic doesn’t care about your business plans; as cases rise you may have to move to a new plan. Let your employees know what the new plan will be should certain COVID metrics or guidelines change.

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