Performance Management in a Virtual World

With most professionals working at home, leaders have had to adjust and shift in the way they manage performance, some better than others. Prior to the pandemic, some managers included the unwritten performance measurement of “seeing people” at work as one of their performance metrics. I always thought this was an inaccurate and outdated “metric” which didn’t measure productivity or output. Yet, these managers in today’s world still wonder in the back of their minds, “are my employees working to the same level they did before the pandemic?”

The underlying problem for these managers is that they haven’t created performance metrics that support productivity. Ultimately every position on your team is responsible for specific outputs whether they are tangible or intangible. Managers who have clearly defined these “outputs” and have a method of measuring them, shouldn’t care how long the employee is taking to complete the task, as long as they provide the level of output to support their continued employment.

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