Guest Testimonials

Hear from our guests about how being featured on our podcast impacted their professional brand. We’re honored to amplify the voices of servant leaders like these who use their influence and resources as a force for good.

Senour Reed

Founder & Managing Partner, Global Connect Group, Georgia

This team's professionalism was excellent from beginning to end. Everything was provided to make my experience top-notch and invaluable for reaching out to the community we serve. In addition, I had many new and existing connections reach out to provide meaningful comments, likes, and new opportunities to further support each other.  They're a team of professionals with intentional values and a genuine desire to give back to their community and citizens. Their integrity and socially conscious offerings help business leaders positively impact their community, which is much needed in today's world. Thank you for leading the way with your offerings and faithful values by giving to give.

Nipuna Ambanpola

Co-Founder & Executive Director, IVolunteer International, Georgia

Chat with Leaders is mission-driven, open, inclusive, and innovative. Conversations are easy, partnerships are open, and all sorts of views about impact are accommodated. If you’re goal-oriented and are a different kind of thinker, Chat with Leaders is the organization you need to work with. On a personal note, Jeff is also a great networker. He has personally connected me to some amazing people just in a very short span of time. Through my experience, I have been able to connect to a wide variety of professionals in the nonprofit and private sector space who are interested in social impact, giving, and volunteering. I have no doubt that these many connections will transform to be our partners in the future. As I said, I’m a proud recipient of this impact-driven ecosystem that Chat With Leaders is aggressively cultivating.

Ashley Jones

TEDx Speaker, Founder, Executive Director, Love Not Lost, Georgia

Speaking with Jeff on Chat With Leaders Podcast was incredibly fun and authentic. Jeff brings his whole self and genuine curiosity, which makes for a great interview and a deeper connection to the audience. I’m really grateful to have been invited on as a guest.

Tino Mantella

President & CEO, Turknett Leadership Group, Georgia

I really enjoyed being interviewed by Jeff Bond on Chat With Leaders. He is a consummate professional.  Additionally, he was interested in the human impact I have strived to have during my lifetime. Based on my experience, I would recommend anyone interested in sharing their story, expanding their brand, and, perhaps, conveying a few nuggets that others can harness for their betterment, to listen.

Vicki Flier Hudson

Chief Collaboration Officer, Highroad Global Services, Georgia

Over the last several years I have been shifting my work to include more depolarization, helping people to dialogue across opposing views. Being on the podcast gave me a forum to express the ideas I’m most passionate about, and also then to share the podcast on LinkedIn. This helped establish me even further as a trusted resource in the area of conflict management. Chat With Leaders was so professionally run. From the initial contact with Jeff to the recording session to the social media presence, CWL had everything wired to be so easy and polished. I also appreciate Jeff’s interview style! I would say that this podcast is a great opportunity to share what most inspires you in the service of other leaders. It is truly a win-win. You’ll also get a fantastic takeaway in the form of a professionally recorded podcast to share on your social sites, website, and with potential clients. It gives prospects an easy way to have an experience of you!

Kerry Mallory

Regional Managing Director - East Coach, Ronald Blue Trust, Georgia

It was an honor to be a featured guest on the Chat With Leaders podcast. Jeff made the experience easy and fun. His follow-up afterward to publicize my spot on social media helped it gain more exposure. The segment is currently a highlighted feature on my social media.

Dan Gordon

Executive Director, Jabian Consulting, Georgia

Chat with Leaders was an exceptionally positive experience for the firm I am proud to represent, Jabian Consulting, and for me personally as well. Jeff asked great questions about leadership. I was surprised to hear from so many people across a myriad of industries thanks to the alignment of pertinent topics and the effective use of social media. I would sign up for a second collaboration without hesitation, but also look forward to listening to all the other great leaders’ remarks in the interim! This was a quality and impactful experience that exceeded my expectations.

Carly Simenauer

Founder & CEO, Strapt Vending, Georgia

As an early-stage startup with an upcoming product launch, Chat with Leaders gave us a platform not only to build excitement around our launch but also to share my experiences growing as a founder within it. You can tell Jeff is genuinely passionate about each and every company he chooses to interview by how he approaches the interview, conducts it, and stays in touch beyond. My experience with CWL was phenomenal and I’m grateful for the opportunity, platform, and connections I’ve made from it!

Richard Hicks

CEO, InspirEDU Atlanta, Georgia

Being a new nonprofit that transitioned from a national brand, it was important to establish our own identity and create an environment that sees us as a viable business rather than something that would fizzle out. Chat With Leaders allowed us to create that space and tell the story of Inspiredu so that people can hear the themes of mission, resilience, and courage. CWL is a company with the friendliest of people that made it comfortable for us to engage in a meaningful conversation. Since the podcast, we've had various conversations with new supporters who enjoyed the segment and felt like they understood our leadership and mission at Inspiredu even more. This visibility in the community was invaluable.

Ankit & Ananya

Co-Founders,, Georgia

We thought we were going to have a conversation about all things work related, but we ended up diving deep into our values and how they relate to the work we're doing at our startup in a raw, authentic conversation. Grateful that Jeff was candid about his own life and family values even during our interview- we learned a lot from him even though we were the ones he was interviewing. Jeff is a cool dude.