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If you have committed people on staff with the bandwidth to produce and maintain your own podcast, we would be happy to share our expertise, lessons learned, and templates that will help your show run smoothly.

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Would You Rather Talk Through It?
Guesting & Audience Strategy

This is a very important starting point! Honing in on the stakeholders who have the greatest impact on your revenue and inviting them to your show as featured guests will have the greatest impact on your success. For instance, if you’re a B2B company, we’ll help you create a list of your most profitable current and future clients and build a show around topics they love to discuss. This will also attract their industry peers as audience members who, again, are the exact stakeholders who have the greatest impact on your revenue growth.

🔎 The visibility of your content will grow exponentially as it gets cross-promoted by your guests on LinkedIn and other social media outlets where their industry peers pay attention.

💁 Think about the next time you go to an industry trade show after having promoted many relevant episodes and every key stakeholder knows who you are. That’s the power of hosting a podcast specifically crafted to feature the stakeholders in the industry/community most often serve.

Show Naming

When your podcast has a compelling name that instantly resonates with your guests, they will be honored to accept your invitation to be a featured guest. We will help you with your show naming strategy so that you can build a sustainable platform that drives the right perceptions, types of guests, and intended audience that will have a positive impact on your business growth.

Writing Show Description

The show description appears on the various podcast platforms and details what listeners can expect from the show. This is also what you’ll want to highlight in your first episode to introduce your podcast and hype it up to first-time listeners. It also helps your team stay focused on what topics you cover on the show going forward. We’ll help you craft this message and then write it for you.

Cover Art Design

Your cover art will become the first impression to give listeners a sense of what they can expect by subscribing to your show. There are nuances about designing a cover that is important such as keeping it simple, vibrant, responsive, and clear. We’ll help you by laying out a couple initial choices and going through one iteration of changes to help you nail down cover art that will highlight the contents of your show and make a great first impression with your audience.

Show Notes Templates

We’ll help you create a template to consistently write your show notes for every episode, which is the way for you to summarize the extra details about the episode, your guest(s), and provide a way for listeners to recap any nuggets of wisdom they can anticipate or reflect back on. Show notes appear on all the podcast outlets like Apple and Spotify, and should also appear on your content management system (CMS) when you post them online.

Guest & Content Tracking Template

Staying organized with your guest invitation list, scheduled prep calls, scheduled interview dates, and your postproduction activities like audio editing and content creation is critical to maintaining your sanity. We will give you the tools your team will need to stay organized, sane, and focused on the fun stuff.

Hosting & Syndication

Using a podcasting platform for on-demand audio management, publishing, and analytics tracking is a must. We’ve used Omny Studio for our podcast, but there are worthy alternatives like,, or We’ll help you evaluate the options and choose what’s best for your team.

Intro + Outro + Ad Copy

Scripting and pre-recording your intro, outro, and ad copy to pre-record is a way to save significant time in post-production while giving your show polish. We’ll help you script your pre-, mid-, and post-roll content so your audio engineer can plug and play on all your episodes.

Guest Communication Templates

The quality of communication with your guests is critical to delivering a positive experience that will build your reputation for being proactive and professional. We’ll provide you with the templates to help you invite, book, prepare, and update your guests every step along the way.

Guest Interview Prep Outline

We’ll provide you with a single document outline to serve as your single source for suggested interview questions, notes, and an outline to send your guest with the calendar booking for your interview. This will help prepare both the host and the guests for what to expect in format, questions, and cadence. We’ve found this incredibly useful in maintaining a positive guest experience that puts everyone at ease, which you’ll see reflected in our testimonials.

Sit In One Of Our Podcast Interviews

Many first-time hosts are understandably nervous about managing the logistics of conducting recorded interviews on their own show – we were too at first! So come sit in on a prep and actual guest interview on our podcast so we can show you the ropes. Once you get the flow, you’ll realize how comfortable and fun it really is!

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