Launch Playbook Submitted

Thank you for creating the first draft of your Podcast Launch Playbook! 🚀

We will be in touch with you shortly to schedule your Playbook Review session.

Once we complete the Playbook Review and you’re ready to launch, we’ll provide the ongoing tools and coaching you need for:
  1. Buying the basic equipment you need for your podcast – the good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive!
  2. Tracking your guests from prospect list invitation prep interview episode recording post-production promotion
  3. Voice-over, and background music for intro/outro and ad copy for your business and/or any show sponsors
  4. Scripting to record your first show and give you a framework for a consistent listener experience
  5. Planning guest outreach through various channels including messaging cadence and brief, effective scripts
  6. Setting up an easy scheduling tool like Calendly to save you tremendous time in guest wrangling, calendarization, and setting clear expectations
  7. Guest services & engagement to deliver an awesome experience by helping them feel prepared while building trust + authentic relationships
  8. Measuring your success
  9. Defining the central topic, headline, and question outline for each episode
  10. Tracking post-production activities around audio editing, content production, file sharing, hosting/syndication, drop date, and other promotional materials
  11. Storing content files and determining workflow
  12. LinkedIn and social media cross-promotions and evangelism
  13. Guest follow up and assets that you’ll provide to them to encourage them to share through their network and supporters
  14. Guest relationship nurturing through customized gifts, follow up, and future collaborations
  15. Furthering your involvement with thought-leadership and community building with your ideal customer personas through their events and relationship ecosystem

Questions? Text/Call Jeff at 678-827-3635 or