Podcast Production and Content Packages

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In today’s digitally connected world, it’s the perfect time to build brand equity and grow your business as a force for good.

We help purpose-driven business leaders cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, and maximize social impact through virtual audio podcast solutions + content marketing. 🤝💰🌏

Not finding a package that fits your needs? Many of our services can be customized to achieve your goals – contact us today to discuss.

Shared experience and playbook for DIY production
We'll show your team how to set up + maintain your podcast
Guesting & Audience Strategy
Show Naming
Writing Show Description
Cover Art Design
Show Notes Template
Guest & Content Tracking Template
Hosting & Syndication Coaching
Intro, Outro, and Ad Copy
Guest Communication Templates
Guest Interview Prep Outline Template
Sit in to Observe a CWL Podcast Recording
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per month
Weekly episodes < 25 min each
Starter + we'll handle all your audio podcast production + editing
Professional Voiceover for Intro/Outro/Ad Copy
Intro/Outro Music
Audio Editing
Headline & Show Note Writing
Intro + Bonus First Month Episodes
Audiogram Promo Videos
Episode Cover Art
Mic Flag w/ Custom Logo
Publishing To Apple, Spotify & Major Podcast Platforms
Guest Production & Project Tracking Dashboard
Monthly Coaching & Podcast Review
Project Manager
Dedicated Producer
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per month
Production + content waterfall
Starter & Production + Content Management and More
Repurpose Each Episode Into SEO Friendly Blog Posts
Promotional LinkedIn Post
Promotional Video Clip
Video Editing For Full Length YouTube Video
Promotional Quote Graphic
Promotional Tweets
Promotional Facebook Posts
Promotional Instagram Post Graphics
Booking All Your Guests
Writing Interview Prep Outlines
Proactive Email Updates To Your Hosts and Guests
Fill In Co-Hosts, As Needed
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per month
Episodes every 2 weeks < 25 min each
Everything from production package at less frequency
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per month
Production² + bi-weekly content waterfall
Everything from turnkey ABM package with bi-weekly rotation
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More ways we can add value to your business
Enhancing strategic relationships + expanding your influence
Podcast Equipment Procurement
Sending Custom Gifts To Guests
Blogging & Written Content Marketing
Video Podcast Shooting & Post Production
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