Production Package

Producing, editing, publishing, and promoting your own podcast is time-consuming and will likely require multiple staff members to handle all the logistics. This reality is why a huge number of podcasts cease production by their 7th episode, called “podfade”. A consistent podcast where you feature your highest revenue-producing stakeholders as guests will absolutely lead to a positive return on investment and impact when you create a proven, repeatable process and committed team as we have. This package is designed for those purpose-led business leaders whose staff is already maxed out and only have the limited time it takes to interview their featured guests.

You’ll receive everything from our starter package, plus learn more about the added value you’ll receive from this package below.

Would You Rather Talk Through It?
Professional Voice-Over For Intro, Outro, and Ad Copy

Most successful podcasts open with a professional intro and close with a professional outro. We will provide you with a voice artist to pre-record these segments then help you put the whole thing together with professional sound quality. If you have the voice artist in the house, we will provide the coaching, review, and feedback to help ensure we’re helping to maximize their talent and final output.

Intro/Outro Music – Royalty Free

Check out Pond5 and Pixabay as two great sources for royalty-free music to sample before you purchase it for your podcast. We’ll help you select the music that our audio engineers will consistently lay over your intro and outro that matches your show’s vibe and gives it a professional polish.

Audio Editing

This is a fundamental service to any podcast agency. Our professional audio engineers will make your final episodes sound great by removing most of your filler words like “um…”, “you know…”, and “like…” with a few sprinkled in to maintain an authentic conversation flow. They’ll also reduce the pressure of any mess-ups or major pauses so you don’t have to worry about stumbling over sentences because your listeners will never know. They will also balance out the sound levels between you and your guests, tone the sound up using effects/EQ, and tag the final episode in an mp3 format consistent with podcast hosting platform requirements that you can embed on your content management systems.

We can’t stress enough how grateful we’ve been to have amazing audio editors for our podcast – they’re incredibly valuable relationships to have by your side!

Headline and Show Note Writing

Writing attention-grabbing headlines and show notes for each episode is important to outline more details about what your listeners can expect from the content, entice them to hit play, and honor your guest by providing ways for listeners to further engage with them. All you’ll need to worry about is interviewing your guests and turning the recording over to our team to handle all the logistics of writing your headlines and show notes that will appear on all Apple, Spotify, and other podcast outlets as well as when you post the episode to your content management system. Click here to open an example in a new tab.

Intro + Bonus First Month Episodes Production

The standard practice in the podcasting world is to make your very first episode a short episode explaining who you are and what you intend for the podcast. We’ll help you script and produce this as well as your first two full-length episodes to be dropped on the same date of launch to play into the quirks of how the major podcast directories like Apple rate podcasts. Then we’ll play your cadence of weekly/every 2 weeks/daily for episodes 4 and beyond.

Audiogram Promo Videos

Short audiograms are valuable promotional assets to share with your guests and cross-promote on social media to tease a nugget of wisdom they shared. This also entices listeners to tune in to the full-length episode on their favorite podcast outlet or on your content management system. Click here to open an example in a new tab.

Episode Cover Art

This gives you more marketing assets to share with your guests to cross-promote their thought leadership and further the value provided in your relationship. This also gives you more visuals to entire more listeners and connect with your strategically designed audience. Use this anywhere from social media to email newsletters to any other digital or print mediums where you can make your highlight your featured guests while contributing to the growth of both your guests and your show’s brand equity. Click here to open an example in a new tab.

Mic Flag With Custom Logo

Look like a promo whenever you appear on screen whether it be on your podcast recordings or business calls with a custom branded microphone flag that we’ll ship to you once we get started. Click here to view an example of the microphone flag we have strategically placed on our videos in a new tab.

Publishing To Apple, Spotify, and Major Podcast Platforms

We’ll manage the use of a podcasting platform for on-demand audio management, publishing, and analytics tracking. We’ve used for our podcast, but there are worthy alternatives like and We’ll set it all up and spend the time maintaining it for you.

Guest Production and Project Tracking Dashboard

One of the keys to a successful podcast and content-based marketing strategy is keeping all your guest invitations, interviews, post-production, and promotional activities organized. We will set this up on a user-friendly dashboard, keep track of all the moving parts, and give you visibility into the status of everything from any computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

Monthly Coaching & Podcast Review

Getting started is always the first step, but being committed to continual improvement is the key to growth. We will be by your side to help provide coaching and feedback to make sure you’re receiving the maximum value from your podcast. Most importantly, we want to make sure you’re maximizing your return on investment and impact from the relationships you’ll be cultivating with your featured guests and audience.

Dedicated Project Manager

The importance of good project management can’t be overstated. We’ll manage your project dashboard and communication so your team can focus on the work that matters most and free you from distractions caused by tasks going off track or missing deadlines.

Dedicated Producer

Your show hosts will be at the forefront, but we’ll have a producer to keep them focused on hosting a professional podcast that your guests and audience of ideal stakeholders love engaging. We’ll be there to provide advice, support, and overall comfort with the guest experience logistics.

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