Top 6 Reasons Your Socially Responsible Business Should Launch A Podcast

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When Covid-19 pushed our society into a virtual world of physical distancing in March of 2020, business leaders were left scratching their heads as to how they would continue to keep their demand generation and talent retention initiatives afloat and growing.

Climate conditions continued to worsen… systemic racial injustice reared its ugly head multiple times over… protests popped up in cities all over the globe… unemployment rates reached historically bad levels… mental health consequences skyrocketed… political unrest dominated our everyday lives… and the list goes on.

On top of that, every stakeholder kept their attention hyperfocused how corporate social responsibility was being authentically lived out at the businesses where they choose work and spend their money.

Amid all the crises, several for-profit business movements like B Corporations, Conscious Capitalism, and goBeyondProfit set the standards for how making a profit and addressing social impact through business growth endeavors don’t have to be mutually exclusive ideas.

In what seemed to happen as fast as the flip of a switch, these social impact initiatives became way more than just a “noble cause” for businesses to embrace.

Visibility into how conscious businesses were taking action to address inequities and climate concerns became demanded from next-gen marketplace workers, consumers, vendors, and the communities on which they depend.

Given these shifts, it’s now more important than ever for socially responsible leaders of B2B organizations to scale their revenue for the sake of sustainable social impact, talent attraction, a desirable company culture, and relevancy in the broader marketplace.

These conditions aren’t going away as part of the “new normal”.

Fortunately, podcasting and account-based marketing strategies have primed the pump for these purpose-driven leaders to continue to generate demand, grow their business, retain the loyalty of their stakeholders, and stay relevant through these ever-changing times.

Here are the top 5 reasons to seriously consider starting your own podcast

1. You’ll cultivate authentic relationships with your ideal customers

If you want to deliver significant value to your ideal customers and referral sources outside of traditional sales tactics, strategically inviting them onto your podcast is like helping them win a championship in the game of personal branding. They’ll be instantly flattered by you producing content that positions them as thought leaders and you’ll be cultivating a meaningful relationship with the exact people who will contribute to your growth. They’ll also be promoting the heck out of your podcast through their network and marketing platforms which exponentially scales your audience.

2. You’ll attract your ideal customers as your primary audience

By strategically identifying and featuring the thought leadership of your ideal customers on your show, you are attracting the attention of their peers who are genuinely interested in what they have to say. As you host and facilitate these conversations, they’ll be learning industry trends, how their peers/competitors are tackling similar challenges, and tips that help them with their ongoing learning and professional development.

3. You’ll build a stronger network as a connector

Imagine going to a conference where everyone knows you because you’ve been at the center of interviewing all the thought leaders in their industry. You’re shaking hands and kissing babies. You also set up a booth to interview and feature more of your ideal customers in person. Now you’re watching as the referrals and opportunities continue to pour in without having to grind it out on the cold call trail.

4. You’ll learn a TON about what problems your ideal customers are experiencing

As you prepare and interview guests on your podcast, you’re hearing about their stories, current challenges, projects, and vision for the future. This is a goldmine of information that will help you provide your products and services in a way that meets the demands in the most profitable verticals served in your business line.

5. You’ll never have a content marketing problem again

Each one of your episodes is chock full of meaningful ideas shared by your expert guests. You can repurpose all the great nuggets of wisdom into your own content library of optimized blog posts, quote graphics, episode cover art, LinkedIn posts, tweets, full-length YouTube videos, video clips, audiograms, emails, Instagram posts, and more. Trust me, your marketing team will love you!

6. You’ll scale your ability to have a social impact

Here’s a simple formula:

More genuine relationships with ideal customers ➕ more sales opportunities in your most profitable industry ➕ more revenue = your ability to have a greater social impact through your time, talent, and treasure.

Oh, and your team members will love being part of a company that stands for something much larger than its own profit. 🌍

Are You Ready To Launch Your Own Podcast?

Outside of just being plain ole’ fun, there are so many more reasons why you should, which I would be happy to share if you would like to chat.

It’s my greatest joy to serve others and expand the reach of social impact causes through socially-minded, purpose-driven leaders like yourself.

Jeff is driven to empower purpose-driven leaders through impactful media, celebrating workplaces as catalysts for positive change. As CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner of the People-First Elevation Team, he specializes in stakeholder-focused content and transforming all-hands meetings for inclusivity among distributed teams. Jeff co-hosts 'Chat With Leaders' and 'The People Experience Pulse' podcasts, amplifying impactful narratives. With a dedication to Conscious Capitalism, he collaborates to rally purpose-driven leaders for collective growth. Rooted in Christian faith, Jeff finds strength in family values as a husband and father of three. Join him in shaping purpose-driven futures to elevate humanity.

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