The Five Leadership Superpowers: A Guide for Thriving in the Face of Disruption with Jay Weiser

Episode 180

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Jeff Bond

As the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner at People-First Elevation Team, I lead a dedicated team specializing in thought leadership development, stakeholder engagement, and effective global communication. We excel in producing corporate podcasts, meetings, and events to drive customer and team member acquisition, retention, and engagement. Additionally, we provide speaker coaching to empower thought leaders within our clients' organizations.

My approach is grounded in Conscious Capitalism, fostering leaders with a values-driven, pro-capitalism perspective. I firmly believe in business's transformative power, not only as a commercial venture but as a catalyst for lasting social and generational impact.

Beyond my professional role, I cherish my most significant leadership role as a father to three children, alongside my wife Katie. This personal aspect deeply influences my professional path, aligning my business strategies with family values, faith, and community service in Atlanta, GA.

How can business leaders develop and strengthen their leadership capabilities in the face of disruption and uncertainty? In today’s episode, Jeff Bond chats with Jay Weiser, Principal and Founder of Jay Weiser Consulting.

Jay and Jeff discuss why even companies with the best strategies and execution plans can be caught off guard and unprepared. Jay shares practical advice for early-stage entrepreneurs and seasoned executive leaders to immediately strengthen their leadership capabilities, as well as “The Five Leadership Superpowers™” and how they can help companies adapt to disruption and uncertainty.

Tune in to discover how to become a more effective and prepared leader in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Episode 180