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Overcoming Business Challenges for Creative Professionals: Lessons and Strategies from ‘The Conquering Creative’ Author, William Warren

Episode 178

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Hosted by
Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and an Executive Partner at the People-First Elevation Team. He specializes in business content and event experience design, focusing on developing growth strategies that enhance customer and employee success. His team produces engaging podcasts and events, both online and in person, that help organizations build relationships and trust with their essential stakeholders. As a podcast host and trusted advisor, Jeff implements collaborative and fun strategies for sustainable business growth and human-centric connection. Off the clock, Jeff is a devoted husband and father of 3 kiddos based in Atlanta, GA.

In this episode, Jeff Bond interviews William Warren, author of “The Conquering Creative,” and Owner of The Sketch Effect, about his experience transitioning from a creative hobbyist to a successful business owner. William shares the key steps he took to turn his creative skills into a sellable product, offering advice for other creatives who want to make the same transition. He emphasizes the importance of finding the intersection between what you’re naturally good at, passionate about, and what the market needs. William also discusses the mindset shifts and practical skills that creatives need to develop in order to be successful in both their craft and the business of their craft. The main takeaway of the book is that the business side of creative work is not as hard as you might think, and William breaks down ways to shift your thinking, actions, and outcomes to achieve success. Tune in to learn how to overcome business challenges as a creative professional.

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Episode 178