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Being the Person I Needed Most When I First Started, Part 1 with Twanna Harris

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Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the CEO and Founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting and the Chair Of B Local Georgia (aka "Mr. B Corp Georgia").

With a firm belief that business can be a force for good, Nathan brings a passion for helping good companies become great. He’s been working with firms pursuing B Corp certification since 2016, using the B Impact Assessment to align purpose with profit.

In addition to his experience working at a B Corp, Nathan teaches an MBA level B Corp class at UGA, founded and chairs B Local Georgia, serves as a committee chair for B Academics and was awarded the 2020 Community Builder Award by B Lab.

Have you ever wished that you had better mentors and advocates to set you up for success before you started your career? How do some people receive that “leg up” early in their career that seems to catapult their success and others lag behind despite giving it their all?

Twanna Harris will share the story that led her to what she aspires to be today, “being the person she needed most when she was first starting out.” Today, Twanna equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the space, tools, coaching, and community they need to convert their talents and creativity into successful, purpose-driven business ventures.

This is part one of this two-part interview.



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