Turnkey ABM Package

Elevating your podcast to the next level of account-based marketing by creating and repurposing multiple content pieces helps you to deliver tremendous promotional value to your guests while staying top of mind within the industry you serve. Every digitally savvy business leader understands the value of producing consistent, original content to elevate their organizational thought leadership above their competitors. What prevents their team from being able to capitalize on competitive advantage is that it requires a lot of time, resources, commitment, and production of material that’s never been made before. The good news is that every podcast episode you record with your guests will now serve as original content that we’ll help you repurpose into a slew of condensed micro-content for ongoing promotions. This will help you build up your original content library on your content management system, consistently promote your organizational thought leadership, and further, the relationship with your current and future stakeholders to scale your return on investment and impact with this turnkey, content-based networking approach.

You’ll receive everything from our starter package and production package, plus learn more about the added value you’ll receive from this package below.

Would You Rather Talk Through It?
Repurpose Each Episode Into SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Converting your audio content into search-engine-optimized written content gives more opportunities for future customers to find and purchase your products or services in today’s digital world. Many podcasters will simply transcribe their podcasts and post them to their sites, but nobody ever reads that content. We’ll take your interview and give your blog posts color and context that your readers will love and will make both you and your guests’ thought-leadership shine.

Promotional LinkedIn Posts

As the world’s largest online professional network, LinkedIn is inherently built for B2B brands to connect with their ideal buyers. As a result, LinkedIn is nearly ubiquitous as a content marketing channel for business marketers above all other social outlets. We’ll help you optimize this channel with promoted content that reaches your ideal audience, shines a bright spotlight on your guests, and furthers the thought leadership produced from your podcast and other repurposed content. We’ll produce one LinkedIn post for you to share natively on your personal and company pages every week for a weekly episode cadence or every other week of an episode cadence of every 2 weeks.

Promotional Video Clip

Highlighting 30 seconds of your featured guests’ most inspiring statements from your episode is an ideal way to deliver more visibility to both their individual and company brands while creating a perfect opportunity to drive a larger audience to your show. Click here to open an example in a new tab.

Video Editing for Full Length YouTube Video

Powerfully convey the thought leadership shared between your expert guests and show hosts by having us edit and publish your full-length videos to YouTube. We’ll take care of adding your intro/outro music as well as professionally designed YouTube thumbnails to make your YouTube content library look like a gold mine of wisdom for your current and future business stakeholders. As you grow your content, there are also secondary benefits of building your following from an ad revenue perspective, which we can help you tackle once you arrive at this milestone. Click here to open an example in a new tab.

Promotional Quote Graphic

Quote graphics are an excellent way to further promote your featured guests and help them build their professional brand. We’ll help you pull out an inspiring quote from their interview and repurpose it into a quote graphic that you can share wherever you promote digital and printed content. Click here to open an example in a new tab.

Promotional Tweet

Getting your content out on Twitter is a quick way to expand the reach of your promotional content, tag your guests, and help spread your influence. We’ll produce one tweet for you to share on your personal and company profiles every week for a weekly episode cadence or every other week for an episode cadence of every 2 weeks.

Promotional Facebook Post

Facebook is another social outlet you can’t ignore if you want to spread your promotional content far and wide. We’ll produce one Facebook post for you to share on your personal and company profiles every week for a weekly episode cadence or every other week for an episode cadence of every 2 weeks.

Promotional Instagram Graphics

Instagram is a great way to expand your business’s reach and engagement with current and future stakeholders who will contribute to your growth. This is best known as the visual platform which creates key opportunities to further promote the thought leadership of your guests and hosts. We’ll produce one Instagram graphic for you to share on your personal and company profiles every week for a weekly episode cadence or every other week for an episode cadence of every 2 weeks.

Booking All Your Guests

Identifying the right guests, appropriately reaching out to invite them to be featured on your show, following up, and scheduling interview times can be time-consuming. You don’t need to worry about that when you lean on our team’s expertise and diligence. Plus, we can help you find guests who have been featured on other podcast platforms who value additional media opportunities like yours.

Writing Interview Prep Outlines

We’ll either sit in on your prep interviews or you’ll send us your prep interview recordings and/or notes for our team to organize into an interview outline that we’ll include in the calendar event notes for your host and guests. This helps to prepare both parties so they can show up and have a fun, comfortable, and authentic conversation around shared passions and interests. Knowing what to expect puts all parties at ease while producing authentic and meaningful content that everyone will be proud to promote. We have this preparation down to a science and will help make it a great experience for all.

Proactive Email Updates To Your Hosts And Guests

Proactively communicating what to expect, when to expect it, what is needed, and how to promote their content is key to providing a positive guest experience. However, it can be another one of those time-consuming tasks that we’ll take off your plate since we also have this down to a science. Both the host and guest as well as any additional stakeholders in the relationship like their chief marketing officers will be copied on the emails as requested and we’ll provide all the appropriate digital assets to every party to cross-promote the content.

Fill In Co-Hosts, As Needed

We recommend you identify 2-3 co-hosts who are internal to your organization to establish meaningful relationships with your guests as both current and future stakeholders in your growth. However, life happens and sometimes you have an interview booked that conflicts with an unexpected event that comes up for all your co-hosts. No need to worry, simply reach out to your producer/project manager and we’ll step in to help.

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