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Episode 108

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Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the Director of Culture & Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce consultancy and certified B Corporation headquartered in Alpharetta. In addition to his full-time role at AdVic, Nathan is the co-founder and chair of B Local Georgia, a nonprofit network of for-profit B Corps working together to build the ‘business for good’ B Corp community in the Peach State.

“We” do not exist as isolated individuals. We, as individuals, are inhabitants of networks; we are relationships. That is how we prosper and thrive. Brandon Pelissero inhabits relationships and networks locally, nationally, and globally within B2B via digital marketing to the industrial chemical industry and is dedicated to zero waste. Brandon advocates sustainability with and through K-12 and college & university students and educators. As Ecolink’s Chief Value Officer turned CEO, Brandon measures the triple impact (economic, environmental and social) of Ecolink’s employees, supply chain, and 700 (and growing) customers annually.

What You’ll Learn

  • An insider’s account of Brandon’s leadership journey with Ecolink in the late 90s that led to him buying the business in February 2020.
  • What led to Ecolink’s reincorporation as a public benefit corporation and initiate the certification as a B Corp. Why that mattered to Brandon.
  • How Ecolink has completely overhauled their 401k and retirement plan and why they did it.
  • How they’ve recently implemented a 4 day work week
  • How Brandon’s vision is to ensure their employees become successful, enjoy their lives, and retire earlier than the typical retirement age.

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Episode 108