Mike Morris: Tightening Your Message

Episode 32

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Chris LaFay

Owner of Classic City | Web Designer | WordPress | Branding | Run Web Design @ BW Missions | Co-Host @ Chat With Leaders

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With 15 years of experience under his belt, Mike Morris decided to leave and co-found Broadgreen Solutions. While he knew the major players in Atlanta, the non-solicitation agreement he signed upon leaving forced him to use his knowledge of the field and not the network he had built. Taking this path less traveled led to new opportunities and his respect for his agreement showed all his clients his high standard of integrity.

Chat Highlights

  • Difficulties with a non-solicitation agreement when going on your own
  • Finding your target and tightening up your marketing messages
  • Working with your network to connect you to your next customer
  • Having your “what can I do” answer ready
  • Attracting people who genuinely want to help

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Episode 32