Matt Hufman: Who Should Leaders Listen To?

Episode 69

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Chris LaFay

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Matt Hufman, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, explores the importance of listening to the best voices to build your leadership. Responding to criticism and building buy-in are crucial elements of being a wise leader. But choosing to spend your energy on the voices that contribute value can help you get a project across the finish line or protect the team’s investment. Distinguish between owning the vision and supporting a vision, and you can find a path forward. Keeping folks engaged is the name of the game.

Chat Highlights

  • Not everything you want to jump into (or listen to) fits the team or projects’ needs.
  • Is buy-in from ownership or management more crucial?
  • How do you figure out where to spend your energy? 
  • When you do something creative, there will always be critics. But what’s far worse? When people don’t care. Apathy kills.
  • Even someone trying to tear you down may have a good piece of criticism you can work with, but any criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from should come with a grain of salt.

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Episode 69