Jenny Jobson: Managing Volunteers During a Crisis

Episode 34

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Jenny Jobson is the Assistant Director at the Midtown Assistance Center in Atlanta. She manages volunteers and staff who assist clients in need of support with rent, food, and other necessities. When the pandemic started to take hold in Atlanta, it became clear that for the safety of the volunteers and their clients, they would need to take everything remote. Jenny talked about the quick changes they made, how they will affect the business in the long-term, and what their plans are for the future.

Chat Highlights

  • Creating a safe environment before stay-at-home orders were in place
  • Keeping staff and volunteers safe
  • Transitioning volunteers to working remote in 24 hours
  • Putting processes in place that work for everyone regardless of their skillset
  • How these skills and processes will be used even after people can be together again
  • Coming back to the office after this is over
  • Supporting those with food insecurity without traditional resources
  • The power of handwritten notes and cards
  • Check out their virtual book club!

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Episode 34