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How to Avoid Social Impact Burnout with Christina Maria Noel

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Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the CEO and Founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting and the Chair Of B Local Georgia (aka "Mr. B Corp Georgia").

With a firm belief that business can be a force for good, Nathan brings a passion for helping good companies become great. He’s been working with firms pursuing B Corp certification since 2016, using the B Impact Assessment to align purpose with profit.

In addition to his experience working at a B Corp, Nathan teaches an MBA level B Corp class at UGA, founded and chairs B Local Georgia, serves as a committee chair for B Academics and was awarded the 2020 Community Builder Award by B Lab.

You care deeply about using your influence and business as a force for good or are at least looking for inspiration on how capitalism can elevate people and the planet. However, Christina Maria Noel points out that when you’re trying to change the world, it’s easy to put the world’s weight on your shoulders, which is not sustainable. 

Social impact burnout is a real thing, my friends, and I want to help you avoid it by sharing Christina’s vulnerable and helpful story with you today. We talk about her journey into the B Corp movement and how we all need to learn that you can’t run at 120% all the time. This is a good conversation about choosing the projects you take on, running your life well, and knowing how to approach your mental health.

Christina Marie Noel is an award-winning social entrepreneur, marketing strategist, & keynote speaker. During the ten years Christina has been a social entrepreneur, she has worked with more than 80 mission-driven organizations to develop and improve their marketing and business strategy.



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