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Journey to Purpose: Redefining Business in Florida and Beyond with Jared Meyers

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Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the CEO and Founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting and the Chair Of B Local Georgia (aka "Mr. B Corp Georgia").

With a firm belief that business can be a force for good, Nathan brings a passion for helping good companies become great. He’s been working with firms pursuing B Corp certification since 2016, using the B Impact Assessment to align purpose with profit.

In addition to his experience working at a B Corp, Nathan teaches an MBA level B Corp class at UGA, founded and chairs B Local Georgia, serves as a committee chair for B Academics and was awarded the 2020 Community Builder Award by B Lab.

I’m your guide, Nathan Stuck and today you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Jared Meyers, the Co-Founder of Florida for Good. Florida for Good is driving the initiative to promote corporate responsibility, helping businesses doing good to thrive in a purpose-driven economy.

Jared is a co-founder or investor in six successful B Corps, as well as co-creator of the “For Good Movement,” a nonprofit that oversees Florida for Good and B Tourism.

During this episode, you’ll hear how Jared discovered B Corporations as, what he would call, the “only way” he wants to engage in business and how meeting like-minded leaders instilled confidence that business can do good while making a profit. Jared also shares why ethical and conscious business practices are not political, but they are simply caring for people.

Have you ever wondered how businesses can truly make a difference in today’s world? Then stay tuned as we sit down with Jared Meyers and learn from his transformative journey from a traditional travel company to a torchbearer for ethical, purpose-driven business practices.



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