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The Power of Co-working Spaces to Drive Powerful Social Change with Chris Smith

Episode 176

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Hosted by
Jeff Bond

Jeff brings over two decades of business consulting expertise in strategy, media, people, technology, and marketing. As CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner at People-First Elevation Team, he excels in crafting inclusive, engaging content for diverse teams. His work as a co-host on 'Chat With Leaders' and 'The People Experience Pulse' podcasts showcases his commitment to servant leadership and human-centered business principles.

A University of Georgia Bulldog at heart, Jeff’s dedication to continuous learning shapes his collaborative leadership style. He is a proponent of Conscious Capitalism, focusing on stakeholder-oriented strategies for sustainable business growth and positive community impact.

Jeff's team stands out in their ability to boost employee and customer engagement for business clients. They excel in human-centric production management and prioritize building strong relationships with stakeholders, recognizing them as the lifeblood of organizations.

Off the clock, Jeff is a dedicated husband and father in Atlanta, GA. Connect with him to explore how his experience and passion can benefit your organization.

How can a co-working space become a beacon of light for work and transform the way people think about their jobs? In today’s episode, Jeff Bond chats with Chris Smith, Chief Revenue Officer at THRIVE | Coworking and CoFounder of THRIVE | Initiative. Together, THRIVE provides a purpose-driven, socially engaged environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees of both large and small businesses, combining design-forward style and thoughtful amenities with philanthropy and community involvement.

You’ll hear from Chris about how to leverage the power of purpose to drive change, how to build a legacy that goes beyond profit, and how THRIVE | Coworking is taking its commitment to service and generosity to the next level through a unique initiative that benefits retailers, micro-donors, non-profit partners, and local communities.

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Episode 176