4 Myths About Conflict Resolution

Episode 102

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Hosted by
Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO and Executive Producer of Chat With Leaders Media, the Atlanta-based production agency on a mission to help purpose-driven business leaders launch their own podcasts, cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, reduce attrition, and maximize their capacity towards social impact. His vision is to elevate purpose-driven business leaders as a force for good that unifies our communities while empowering the next generation to carry the torch into a bright, sustainable future!

We welcome back the incredible Vicki Flier Hudson, CEO of Highroad Global Services, to chat with Jeff Bond about how leaders can better engage in depolarizing dialogues to resolve conflict in the workplace and in their everyday lives. Spoiler alert: It’s not about being nice!

What you’ll learn

  • Why have depolarizing dialogues has become such an important leadership skill, especially over the last few years?
  • How do most business leaders feel about engaging in depolarizing conversations to resolve workplace conflict?
  • Four myths that hold leaders back from engaging in depolarizing conversations.
  • How leaders can improve the way in which they handle conflict management in the workplace.


Learn more about how to become a Conflict Management Coach under the guidance of Vicki as you steer your ship towards success in these challenging times.

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Episode 102