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Jeff Bond

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Chat Guest

As President and CEO of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, Kyle Waide oversees the distribution of nearly 70 million pounds of food and grocery products each year through a network of 600 local and regional partner non-profit organizations that feed those in need across 29 Georgia counties. Before being named CEO in June 2015, Kyle served three years as the Food Bank’s Vice President of Partner Operations, leading the organization to record-breaking years of food distribution to the hungry. Through Kyle’s collaborative efforts to improve distribution best practices, the Food Bank dramatically increased the nutritional quality of its product offerings, including fresh produce. 

The Food Bank distributes more than 16 million pounds of produce yearly. Before joining the Food Bank, Kyle held several management roles at The Home Depot Inc. in disaster relief, corporate responsibility, community affairs, and store operations. He also previously served as part of the management team that created and launched Charity Navigator, the nation’s premier charity evaluation service. Kyle is a graduate of Harvard University. He currently serves as the Chair of the Southeast Regional Cooperative and the Vice-Chair of the Georgia Food Bank Association. Kyle also is a member of the Ending Hunger Advisory Committee and the Policy, Education, and Advocacy Committee for Feeding America. He is a member of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2015, the Rotary Club of Atlanta, the Community Advisory Board for The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., the Super Bowl LIII Host Committee Advisory Board, the Committee For A Better Atlanta, and the board of directors for Goodwill Industries International Inc. 

Kyle resides in Decatur, GA, with his wife, Christina, and their three children.

Chat Highlights

  1. How Kyle was lead to serving as the CEO of ACFB in the non-profit sector?
  2. ACFB just drastically increased his capacity to a massive 340,000+ square foot facility, how has that growth has changed the reach of the Atlanta Community Food Bank?
  3. ACFB usually spends $120,000 per week on food and a few weeks ago spent $1,000,000 in a week! 8x the normal amount! What has the impact been on the Atlanta community from the coronavirus and how are things looking going forward?
  4. How can people help the Atlanta Community Food Bank meet the current and future demands around food insecurity? 

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Episode 156