[Leadership Vault] Nelson Davis: Launching Next Generation Leaders Into The World

Episode 169

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Hosted by
Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO and Executive Producer of Chat With Leaders Media, the Atlanta-based production agency on a mission to help purpose-driven business leaders launch their own podcasts, cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, reduce attrition, and maximize their capacity towards social impact. His vision is to elevate purpose-driven business leaders as a force for good that unifies our communities while empowering the next generation to carry the torch into a bright, sustainable future!

Nelson Davis is the Founder and Leading Partner of Analytic Vizion, a data and analytics consulting firm in Atlanta, GA designed to focus on equipping and inspiring the next generation of data and technology leaders since 2019. Nelson would describe himself as a Believer, Husband to Alyson, Father of four incredible (and crazy) boys, lover of people, hoping to impact the next generation of marketplace leaders for the better.

Discussion Topics

  1. What motivated you to become an entrepreneur and start Analytic Vizion despite the fact that you were on a successful track with your consulting career? 
  2. What obstacles did you face with building momentum in the very beginning?
  3. Why did you create the ‘Consulting Journey’ which essentially informs new hires that your goal is for them to be launched back into the marketplace after 3-6 years?
  4. What have you learned about the model of ‘Love. Teach. Launch’ in your hiring process as you’ve been developing emerging servant leaders in your organization?

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Episode 169