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At the core of Jeff's work is helping servant leaders use their influence as a force for good. As the Co-Founder of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner at People First Elevation Team, he empowers organizational leaders with media solutions that spark collaboration and shared purpose with their teams and customers.

Together with his team, Jeff delivers event production, podcast production, content creation, cross-cultural training, and strategic advisory solutions. They are committed to unlocking the power of inclusive storytelling, shared experiences, leadership development, and feedback integration to ensure their media solutions meet the needs of their clients' stakeholder groups.

Their core values—Partnership, Inclusion, and Empowerment—guide everything they do. By fostering strong partnerships, embracing diverse perspectives, and equipping leaders with the tools to succeed, they aim to transform the way people engage while getting meaningful work done.

Outside of work, Jeff cherishes time with his wife and three kiddos, balancing his roles as a husband and father with his professional life in Atlanta, GA. Connect with Jeff to explore how impactful media solutions can drive success and engagement.

Chat Guest

Jeff Davis entered the technology arena in 1992. Experience includes project management, technical consulting, system administration, network engineering, product implementation, and business management. His knowledge of many industry-specific software and hardware platforms has helped secure his reputation as a leader in innovative thinking. He is a servant to people, personable, and thrives on high levels of communication to work closely with customers, vendors, and partners to enable their success. Jeff’s industry certifications include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer [MCSE], Cisco Certified Network Associate [CCNA], and various hardware and software products.

He founded Southern Data Solutions in February of 2005 which he led as the company president through 2020. It started out as a partnership for additional income and as the company took on more customers, it demanded his full-time devotion beginning in April 2006.

In his spare time (what is that again?) he is married to his soul mate, Olivia, since February of 2000 and his father to 3 children (Kasey, Alexandra, and Nicolas). He is of Christian faith and is a former Usher Team Captain and remains active as an usher for Highlands Church. He is the only remaining founder of Peach State Challengers, a Dodge Challenger group formed in 2013, that has 500+ members and growing. He created and managed Cars vs Cancer, an annual car show that benefits cancer, which has donated tens of thousands of dollars to benefactors such as Winship Cancer Institute and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. He actively creates events and attends car shows and loves to drive. Jeff loves family and is involved in charities that support the care of children such as Jesse’s House, Cops for Kids, and The Place of Forsyth just to name a few. He has served on the board of directors of charities such as Hands Across Atlanta and is always looking for new avenues of helping people. Other hobbies include shooting guns, cars, off-roading, and traveling.

Chat Highlights

  1. Tell me more about your backstory into leadership and how you came to founding Southern Data Solutions in the IT Managed Service Provider Space.
  2. To what would you attribute the success you’ve experienced over the last 15 years and sustaining now multiple recessions?
  3. Jeff talks about the importance of being an encouraging leader
  4. In the small to the mid-sized business sector, what does the new normal look like from an IT and business continuity standpoint?
  5. What are some of the tough decisions that need to be made by SMB leaders amidst this new reality?
  6. Jeff leans into his faith quite a bit and The Lord in his leadership. How has that served his leadership and given him courage and strength to face adversity while remaining hopeful?

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