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Episode 45

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Jeff Bond

As the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner at People-First Elevation Team, I lead a dedicated team specializing in thought leadership development, stakeholder engagement, and effective global communication. We excel in producing corporate podcasts, meetings, and events to drive customer and team member acquisition, retention, and engagement. Additionally, we provide speaker coaching to empower thought leaders within our clients' organizations.

My approach is grounded in Conscious Capitalism, fostering leaders with a values-driven, pro-capitalism perspective. I firmly believe in business's transformative power, not only as a commercial venture but as a catalyst for lasting social and generational impact.

Beyond my professional role, I cherish my most significant leadership role as a father to three children, alongside my wife Katie. This personal aspect deeply influences my professional path, aligning my business strategies with family values, faith, and community service in Atlanta, GA.

Chat Guest

Richard Hicks is the CEO & President of inspiredu, as well as a transformational nonprofit leader and speaker committed to improving opportunities for children and helping families improve their socioeconomic status. In his 11+ years with inspiredu, and in his previous roles, Richard has led teams, managed high-dollar projects, and developed growth and fundraising strategies. He has been instrumental in creating relationships and alliances with Fortune 500 companies and with the tech community. Richard has a BA in Information Systems and Communications from Georgia College & State University and serves on the Executive Advisory Board for ATP (Atlanta Technology Professionals) and Advisory Board for Lincoln Tech. In addition to his career at inspiredu, Richard also enjoys volunteering with and supporting other service organizations like the Agape Family and Youth Center. He sees the focus on families and communities as pivotal in our ever-changing world.

Oneisha Freeman is a servant leader who lives by the motto: Work Hard, Do Good. Through her work, she combines her passion for education and technology with a calling to serve under-resourced communities. Prior to joining the inspiredu team as Director of Partnerships & Programs, she served as the director of the Intel Computer Clubhouse where she worked with at-risk youth to help them utilize digital media technology to better their community, connect with their education, and empower them for their futures. Oneisha has facilitated training sessions and events locally, nationally, and internationally for both adults and youth. In addition to her work in the community, she spent 4 years in the United States Army Reserves as a Logistical Specialist. Oneisha is a native of Atlanta and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Colorado State University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two sons, mentoring youth, and roller skating.

Chat Highlights

  1. Richard tells us more about Inspireedu and why the phrase #digitalequity has become the heart of your mission.
  2. Oneisha shares how coronavirus has thrust students, teachers, families, and school systems into a whole new world of distance learning. Talk to me about the impact that’s had on your leadership, your organization, and the communities you serve.
  3. Richard shares his perspectives as we look towards the 2020-21 school year and beyond, how he is seeing the “new normal” taking shape in schools and online learning?
  4. Oneisha talks about why is it important for other people in the leadership, business, and technology community to help further the mission? 

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Episode 45