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Episode 91

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Jeff Bond

As the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner of People First Elevation Team, Jeff leads media strategies for global clients, enhancing content marketing, companywide meeting experiences, conferences, and cross-cultural training. With over 20 years of experience in media, technology, and marketing, Jeff founded Chat With Leaders Media in 2021 to elevate purpose-driven businesses in the marketplace. His core values are Partnership, Inclusion, and Empowerment. Jeff also co-hosts "The People Experience Pulse," a podcast that explores leadership strategies in People, Employee, and Human Experience (PX/EX/HX). Off the clock, he is a devoted husband, father of three, and active citizen in Atlanta, GA.

Brian Mize is President and Co-Founder of Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Certified B Corporation and Top 25 Multi-Cloud Salesforce Partner based out of Alpharetta, Georgia. Brian specializes in service and has lived that out through 23 years of service in the United States Navy and United States Army (to include a combat tour in Afghanistan) – as well as serving the needs of his Technology Customers and End Users for over 25 years. It was his passion for serving that nourished the Ad Victoriam idea of a Partner who provides top-notch solutions for Clients and a top-notch environment for Team Members. A graduate of Kennesaw State University, and a life-long Georgian, Brian resides in Northwest Georgia today with his wife and twin sons. If asked, Brian will name his son, Noah, as a key inspiration for his success. When not leading his Team in solving technology issues or serving the Nation in the Georgia Army National Guard, Brian enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson and fishing with his sons.

Topics Covered

  1. How would you describe the role and main responsibilities of a Chaplain for someone who is unfamiliar?
  2. Can you describe your first interaction with a Chaplain?
  3. What aspects of your story led to you wanting to become a Chaplain in the GA Army National Guard?
  4. How has your experience as a Chaplain informed your views on how to be an effective business leader as the President of Ad Vic?
  5. What have been the most rewarding aspects of leading a certified benefits corporation?

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Episode 91