Launch A Podcast

This playbook will help you make important decisions about how to cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, and maximize social impact through your own amazing podcast. 🤝💰🌏

Want professional help?

Our producers, editors, and content designers have released hundreds of episodes and understand the nuances of launching and maintaining high-quality podcasts with a strategic approach to growth. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re looking for a partner to coach, guide, and support you along the journey!

We specialize in producing interview-based podcasts with weekly or bi-weekly release cadences that shine a spotlight on our clients’ stakeholders and drive thought leadership in their industry categories. This starts with creating a strategic plan for a show designed to help you build influential relationships with leaders who will have the greatest impact on your ability to grow and drive impact through your business or movement.

Whether you simply need help with designing and launching your podcast or continuing to serve as your production team, here is a summary of our services to give you an idea of the investment of resources and turnkey operations.

Design Launch Plan
Shared experience and playbook for DIY production
We'll help you conceptualize, plan, and launch your own podcast
Guest and audience development plan
Concept and go to market strategy
Design brand guidelines for mixed media used in downstream promotions
Writing show description
End to end production planning template
Outreach and booking strategy development
Advise on hosting & syndication to podcast directories
Developing intro, outro, and midroll elements for track design
Guest communication templates for outreach, booking, prep, and follow up
Join our virtual studio as a non recorded guest to observe a prep and recording session
Production board to track your episodes and keep all assets in an organized project management system
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Per Month
Weekly episodes < 30 min each
Starter + we'll handle all your audio podcast production + editing
Dedicated Executive Producer to sit in and help guide all your prep and recording sessions
Technical production of virtual studio recording sessions so all you have to do is host the conversation
Personalized virtual studio in
Professional voice over for your intro and outro segments
Music design for preroll, midroll, and postroll
Consultation on equipment for virtual studio set up
Content and audio podcast editing
Access to raw video recording for downstream promotions
Headline and show note writing
Bonus trailer episode development and syndication
Hosting and syndication to all major audio podcast directories including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts
Production and tracking management
Digital file storage for production and mixed media assets for downstream promotions
Monthly coaching and retrospective meeting
Dedicated Content Manager
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Per Month
Production + content waterfall
Starter & Production + Content Management and More
2 Micro-Video or Audiogram clips for every episode
Thank you letter with links to mixed media package links for every guest
Edited full length video of virtual studio for YouTube, Vimeo, etc
Content selection and design for quote graphic
Calendly booking support for all of your guests once they've expressed interest in being featured
Developing questions and run of show for every episode to send to guests and their comms teams
Communicating with your guests and comms teams when show is released and ready to promote
Fill in co-hosts, as needed
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per month
Episodes every 2 weeks < 30 min each
Everything from production package at less frequency
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per month
Production² + bi-weekly content waterfall
Everything from turnkey ABM package with bi-weekly rotation
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More ways we can add value to your business
Enhancing strategic relationships + expanding your influence
Live Podcast Event Planning
Brand Strategy and Design
Videography and Editing
Podcast Equipment Procurement
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