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Episode 3

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Tim Smith

Executive Partner @ Stratfield Consulting | Founder of the Georgia CxO Forum and Co-Founder of the Arizona CxO Forum | Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council | Co-Host @ChatWithLeaders

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John Trainor, CTO of Wahoo Fitness in Atlanta and respected leader in the technology community joins us for episode 3 of Chat With Leaders.

We are all operating in an unusual, unprecedented time. John shares the biggest challenges to address right now – and what’s keeping him inspired to forge ahead with his encouraging and empathetic leadership.

Chat Highlights

  1. After over 20 years as an executive leader at Aaron’s, John recently started a new journey at Wahoo Fitness. He shares more about how it’s always fortunate for a leader to merge passion with purpose and skills.
  2. John is a well-known leader in the market, we challenge him to share a few things that people don’t already know about him.
  3. John shares what the biggest challenges leaders need to address in these uncertain times are. He talks about a false belief that things are predictable.
  4. In the middle of dealing with the economic disruption, C19, and starting a new leadership journey, what is John’s source of inspiration that other leaders can lean into when facing adversity?
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Episode 3