Changing Consumer Demand For “Green” Products & Services

Episode 123

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Hosted by
Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the Director of Culture & Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce consultancy and certified B Corporation headquartered in Alpharetta. In addition to his full-time role at AdVic, Nathan is the co-founder and chair of B Local Georgia, a nonprofit network of for-profit B Corps working together to build the ‘business for good’ B Corp community in the Peach State.

Nathan chats with Tyler Thompson, the Founder of The Environmental Solutions Store (TESS) and Event Organizer of Atlanta Green Market.

Tyler is a practitioner of grassroots consumer activism focused on advancing market-based solutions to environmental problems. He is the son of environmental business writer, John Thompson who published The Environmental Entrepreneur: Where to find the profit in saving the Earth in 1992. Tyler is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Albania 2013-15) and a cross-continental cyclist (7,000 miles from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Key West, Florida). He has worked in government, for-profit, and civil society sectors, including a corporate stint at Delta Air Lines. 

Tyler and his father’s work to ignite a green-consumer revolution begins in his hometown with the Atlanta Green Market Fair. 

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Episode 123