The Renaissance Of Journaling

While each of us grapples with COVID and its effects on our personal and professional lives, there has been a rebirth in journaling. Just Google “journaling and COVID” and there are over 12 million results!

During the last few months, some of us have used journaling as a way to document the pandemic from a historic standpoint. For instance, my mother, as part of her journaling, will document COVID statistics each day for the state she lives in. While others have used journaling as a coping mechanism to help with fears and anxiety of a pandemic. Journaling is also a good learning technique.

As an executive coach, one of the key components to a leader’s development plan is journaling. I recommend to leaders that they incorporate journaling into their coaching and learning process. Journaling can help you to self-reflect on decisions made and actions taken. What changes worked? What do you need to do more of or less of? Who can you count on?

Here are some tips on getting started with a learning journal.

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