Mark Galvin: Building a Remote Team

Episode 28

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Hosted by
Chris LaFay

Owner of Classic City | Web Designer | WordPress | Branding | Run Web Design @ BW Missions | Co-Host @ Chat With Leaders

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After years of working in the hotel industry, Mark pivoted to owning his own social media company, ePresence. This move to a completely different work environment meant a change from interfacing with his team in person to a completely remote work environment. While it can be challenging at times, Mark and Chris discuss tools and tactics he uses to build and maintain a strong team environment.

Chat Highlights

  • Keep a high touch environment through video chat
  • Incorporating personal into the professional to keep everyone comfortable 
  • Crafting a company culture that includes your mission and vision
  • Using weekly staff meeting to provide training and updates to keep everyone in the loop
  • Evaluating soft and hard skills when bringing in new team member 
  • Talking through issues openly with the entire team
  • Making sure you always ask the question

Tools Discussed

  • Microsoft Teams
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 
  • Microsoft To Do
  • Wunderlist

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Episode 28