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John Buglino: How Empathy Always Wins

Episode 67

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Chris LaFay

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John Buglino, Director of Marketing for Optessa, a software company which helps manufacturers optimize production plans and schedules with constraint-driven APS software, shares how empathy can get you and your team through difficult challenges. Especially when it comes to organizational change, creating individual connections can be the key to retention, rallying, and results. A company is never the first priority of an employee because people have to live their lives. So instead of setting up the business as an antagonist, support your people and they will support you.

Chat Highlights

  • Empathetic leadership is becoming sparse, but it’s worth the work to find it! Find empathetic leadership when you’re facing moments of transition.
  • Connecting with your team on a different level than just company work actually produces better results, not just in retention but also performance.
  • Individual conversations are more productive for creating connections. Reach out to each person.
  • Empathy comes from inside; look at the person not the business. Your team always has a reason for doing what they do, so be open to hearing them.
  • Business is only the third priority at best, so the answer for an employee request is “yes” because you will get the best work from supporting the person not assuming priority. Then you can all move forward together.
  • Empathy isn’t being a doormat. It’s having open conversations about boundaries.

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Episode 67