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Jeff Bond is the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and an Executive Partner at the People-First Elevation Team. He specializes in business content and event experience design, focusing on developing growth strategies that enhance customer and employee success. His team produces engaging podcasts and events, both online and in person, that help organizations build relationships and trust with their essential stakeholders. As a podcast host and trusted advisor, Jeff implements collaborative and fun strategies for sustainable business growth and human-centric connection. Off the clock, Jeff is a devoted husband and father of 3 kiddos based in Atlanta, GA.

Ananya Jain and Ankit Kukadia are founders of FullCircle LLC. They are building the coolest online Gen-Z community to give and get emotional support via their App.

Ananya founded Georgia Institute of Technology’s ‘FullCircle’ in 2017, with a mission to find more resilient ways to harvest renewable energy. Since then, their mission has expanded to tackle the growing mental health crisis and the lack of resources amongst students. Ananya and her team have created a mental health video game, with more than seven countries including the USA, UK, India, Canada, and others to build new technologies and tackle government-related legislation, and most recently are looking at how they can support students affected by COVID-19 through technology. Ananya also uses her own voice and personal experiences to inspire others such as in her TEDx appearance – her compassion and creativity know no bounds. She was recently the recipient of The Diana Award, one of the most prestigious international accolades a young person can receive for humanitarian work and is bestowed annually by the royal family in the UK by Prince William and Harry in memory of their mother, Princess Diana.

Ankit holds a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Madras. He is a TEDx speaker and co-headed the only team (out of 1500+ teams) selected to represent Asia to Elon Musk at the International Hyperloop Pod Competition organized by SpaceX in July 2019. He and Ananya have teamed up as staunch advocates for Gen-Z mental health and have been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and recently covered by JED Foundation and Verizon Media.

Chat Highlights

  1. Why did you originally start Full Circle and what was your original focus?
  2. Why did you decide to make a dramatic pivot a couple of years ago to focus on mental health technology?
  3. What are you struggling with now as an entrepreneur and leader?
  4. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned about compassionate leadership?

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