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Episode 79

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Chris LaFay

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Kelly Kannwischer empowers momentum in every aspect of her busy life as a leader in 3 high-growth organizations and as a mother to 2 daughters. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Future Church Co., which empowers church ministers and members alike with practical tools and processes to forge their spiritual futures. Kelly has spent her vocational life as a not-for-profit executive, consultant and development professional. Formerly to becoming the CEO of Future Church Co., Kelly founded OptUp Consulting, served THINK Together as the Chief Engagement Officer, and led Vanguard University as a Vice President and President of the Vanguard University Foundation. Today she’s going to share more about how the “two word” technology helps integrate our whole selves and our whole lives so we can lead ourselves and our teams into the very best!

Chat Highlights

  • The “Two Word Technology” helps you find, what’s your one thing all the time? (Taken from The On Purpose Person: Making Your Life Make Sense, by Kevin McCarthy)
  • Family, at work, on the golf course—it applies everywhere!
  • Kelly’s words are empowering momentum, and that’s when she feels great.
  • Knowing where you’re at your best also helps you identify where you will feel your worst, and then you won’t be surprised by it + can tackle it head on.
  • Narrowing your focus to two words is about integrating all aspects of life.
  • Work is a great place to start, but it shouldn’t be where you end–and sometimes it surprises us when jobs work well…or don’t.
  • Doesn’t fit? That’s not failure. Let’s live into the places we fit the best–even if you feel “stuck,” you can still embody your passions wherever you are.
  • Design what comes next! Your Story Matters story-mapping thru 

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Episode 79