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Chad Crowe: The Narrative Paradigm

Episode 20

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Chris LaFay

Owner of Classic City | Web Designer | WordPress | Branding | Run Web Design @ BW Missions | Co-Host @ Chat With Leaders

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Chad Crowe is CEO at Techwood Digital Consulting. His early challenges with reading and writing spurred a passion for communication. Now, with degrees in both mass and organization communications, he is using these skills as a business leader. His passion for storytelling drives the way that he runs his company and how he works with his customers.

Chat Highlights:

  • The narrative paradigm and how we communicate in stories
  • Making sure the communication platforms you use to communicate resonate with your employees
  • Growth in a difficult time
  • Ways to show customers that you care about them
  • Making sure everyone is on the same page with your core values

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Episode 20