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Episode 21

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Jeff Bond

Jeff is driven to empower purpose-driven leaders through impactful media, celebrating workplaces as catalysts for positive change. As CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner of the People-First Elevation Team, he specializes in stakeholder-focused content and transforming all-hands meetings for inclusivity among distributed teams. Jeff co-hosts 'Chat With Leaders' and 'The People Experience Pulse' podcasts, amplifying impactful narratives. With a dedication to Conscious Capitalism, he collaborates to rally purpose-driven leaders for collective growth. Rooted in Christian faith, Jeff finds strength in family values as a husband and father of three. Join him in shaping purpose-driven futures to elevate humanity.

Chat Guest

Jason has been active in the staffing industry since 1992. He founded iStaff in 1995, and currently serves as CEO of a regionally based recruiting firm with a national reach that specializes in IT recruiting.

Our mission statement is: “To be salt and light in the recruiting industry by honoring God in all that we do through honesty and integrity.”

Jason is active professionally serving as the President of Hightech Prayer Breakfast, is an Elder in his church, and enjoys serving with both local and international charitable organizations.

As President of the Hightech Prayer Breakfast where he oversees both daily operations and the execution of a 1600 person IT-centric leadership networking event that features both a regional and national speaker that shares business insights and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

On a personal level, Jason also enjoys coaching both baseball and softball. He has has been on mission trips with his church to Guatemala, Uzbekistan and Tanzania.

Chat Highlights

  1. Have companies been laying people off too quickly in response to the coronavirus pandemic?
  2. Given the spike in unemployment, what has been the impact you’ve seen as it pertains to the staffing industry and IT professionals which is your area of expertise at iStaff?
  3. What should leaders be doing now to preserve the unity and culture of their teams? What are some things you’re doing at iStaff to keep everyone engaged, accountable, and attentive to driving that culture and continued business growth?
  4. As a CEO of iStaff, President of the HTPB, Elder in your church, and volunteer work for Grace@Work ministry – your leadership crosses into many different responsibilities. How does your faith, values, and leadership principles guide your decisions in all these roles and how do you keep on top of everything?
  5. Jason casts a beautiful vision for leaders to all serve with excellence whether that’s in their companies, families, communities, and every day lives. Don’t just mail it in. Let his words soak in, they’re remarkable!
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Connect Jason at linkedin.com/in/jasonsmithistaff
More information about iStaff at istaff.com
Learn more about how to get involved with the Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast and local bible studies in the Atlanta technology and business community at hightechministries.org

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Episode 21