Connecting Startups Led By Underrepresented Founders To Their First Investor

Episode 138

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Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the CEO and Founder of Profitable Purpose Consulting and the Chair Of B Local Georgia (aka "Mr. B Corp Georgia").

With a firm belief that business can be a force for good, Nathan brings a passion for helping good companies become great. He’s been working with firms pursuing B Corp certification since 2016, using the B Impact Assessment to align purpose with profit.

In addition to his experience working at a B Corp, Nathan teaches an MBA level B Corp class at UGA, founded and chairs B Local Georgia, serves as a committee chair for B Academics and was awarded the 2020 Community Builder Award by B Lab.

Mecca Moore Tartt is the Executive Director of Startup Runway Foundation, a 501c3 with a mission to connect top underrepresented founders with first investors. Backers include Presenting Sponsor Cox Enterprises, and Founding Partners Truist, Georgia Power, American Family Institute, Innovator’s Legal, Avanta Ventures, and VAlor Ventures.

Mecca is also the Co-Founder of A Weekend For Love one of the top luxury couples’ marriage retreats, The Founder of the Wives Prayer Challenge which has 1500 women from over 65 locations around the world, and The Founder of the Self-Care Summit: A Women’s Health & Fitness Empowerment Day, and now the creator of an e-commerce business which is focused on Christian apparel and has already sold 800+ products covering 21 states.

Mecca a Power 30 Under 30 Recipient strives for excellence in all that she does and shows other women how to do it too. 

Nathan unpacks her story about leaving a successful career in medical device sales behind to pursue her passion for creating more opportunities for female and minority founders.

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Episode 138