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Episode 120

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Hosted by
Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and an Executive Partner at the People-First Elevation Team. He specializes in business content and event experience design, focusing on developing growth strategies that enhance customer and employee success. His team produces engaging podcasts and events, both online and in person, that help organizations build relationships and trust with their essential stakeholders. As a podcast host and trusted advisor, Jeff implements collaborative and fun strategies for sustainable business growth and human-centric connection. Off the clock, Jeff is a devoted husband and father of 3 kiddos based in Atlanta, GA.

Following his chance adoption of Arlo, a Border Collie, in college, Clancy Clark embarked on an unconventional life journey, from training award-winning sheepdogs to a three-decade career as a highly successful and recognized sales professional. Now Clancy is on to his next adventure: sharing his life experiences and wisdom as an author, speaker, and coach to help others attain fulfillment.

Clancy’s book, Love Your Work, Live Your Dream, is a compilation of values, ideas, and actions that have brought Clancy a life of fulfillment and abundance, for they all helped him answer The Biggest Question: “What is the most important thing in my life? And knowing that, how do I go about creating a life that I enjoy every day?” For people without an answer to this question, life happens to them, not for them.

The answers are as individual as each person, so inside Clancy’s book, you’ll find…

  • A toolkit for ensuring your occupation provides you with real meaning and not merely a source of income.
  • Workable items to help you gain clarity regarding your life vision, as well as how to step into it more fully.

Jeff chat’s with Clancy about his personal story, how people can begin this journey to fulfillment, some of the questions they can ask to find their own answers, and how they can lead to a more fulfilling reality.

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Episode 120