The Genuine Business Impact Behind Stakeholder Orientation

Episode 132

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Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO and Executive Producer of Chat With Leaders Media, the Atlanta-based production agency on a mission to help purpose-driven business leaders launch their own podcasts, cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, reduce attrition, and maximize their capacity towards social impact. His vision is to elevate purpose-driven business leaders as a force for good that unifies our communities while empowering the next generation to carry the torch into a bright, sustainable future!

In this episode, Jeff chats with Scott McMichael, Managing Director of Improving’s South Region about the direct impact on the business success he’s experienced by prioritizing all stakeholders in their business when making decisions. Even though it’s the harder path, the literal differentiation and lasting relationships this creates for your business will set it up for a bright future.

Scott McMichael is also on the Conscious Capitalism Chapter Board in Atlanta and a wonderful steward of his community. 

More about Scott McMichael

Scott McMichael serves as Managing Director of Improving’s South US Region, supporting the executive leadership in the Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston enterprises, including oversight of  their strategic training service offerings, national partnerships, and signature community marketing initiative, “CodeLaunch.” His primary focus is growing and positioning Improving for greater impact across North America and to change the perception of the IT profession. This includes business development, delivery excellence, plus attracting and growing technology professionals by creating a great work culture.

Prior to working with Improving, Scott was the President and COO at Innovative Architects, which was acquired by Improving in 2018. He serves on the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is an active member of Conscious Capitalism’s Senior Leader Network. 


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Episode 132