A Purist DA’s Vision For A Restorative Justice System

Episode 106

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Jeff Bond

Jeff is the Co-Founder and Lead Producer of Chat With Leaders Media. Their mission is to help purpose-driven business leaders cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, scale revenue, and maximize social impact through amazing podcasts and content marketing. His vision is to elevate socially responsible businesses as a force for good that sustains our bright future. Jeff lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Katie, and 3 beautiful children.

Dalia Racine is the Douglas County, Georgia District Attorney and today’s featured guest. Dalia brings almost 15 years of prosecutorial experience to serve our community with specializations in homicides, crimes against women and children, and human trafficking. 

Dalia has championed the responsibility of elected prosecutors to keep their communities safe by implementing innovative practices and policies that reduce the number of repeat offenders who cause harm. Dalia has integrated Smart Justice while holding dangerous offenders accountable in our prison system. Additionally, Dalia has made it a priority for the District Attorney’s office to be an integral part of our community and to keep servant leadership at the forefront of everything she does.

Today, you’ll hear more about her story, lessons learned around leadership, and some strategies for mitigating criminal behavior while elevating humanity. Dalia is a great example of how to be a good steward of a position of power and influence over the lives of others in our community. 

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Episode 106