The 6 Main Drivers Of Employee Engagement

Episode 128

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Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO and Executive Producer of Chat With Leaders Media, the Atlanta-based production agency on a mission to help purpose-driven business leaders launch their own podcasts, cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, reduce attrition, and maximize their capacity towards social impact. His vision is to elevate purpose-driven business leaders as a force for good that unifies our communities while empowering the next generation to carry the torch into a bright, sustainable future!

In today’s episode, Jeff chats with Fred Jewell to explore the dynamics of employee engagement and the six categories of engagement drivers that he identified in his research article published here in the Jabian Journal. Fred shares some fantastic insights that will help you better understand organizational psychology as a leader who wants to give their team the very best support to keep them engaged with your mission. After listening, we hope this helps you learn How to be a better leader, a happier person, or both.

About Fred Jewell

Fred Jewell is a consultant, executive coach, speaker, and author of the book, “We Can’t Do It Alone: Building Influence with Simple Strategies.” As an Executive Director and Senior Strategic Advisor at Jabian Consulting, he spends most of his time working with his clients on strategy, transformation, culture, communication, change management, and organization design. He is also a regular contributor to the Jabian Journal, where he has written extensively on engagement, culture, and leadership.

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Episode 128