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Jeff is driven to empower purpose-driven leaders through impactful media, celebrating workplaces as catalysts for positive change. As CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner of the People-First Elevation Team, he specializes in stakeholder-focused content and transforming all-hands meetings for inclusivity among distributed teams. Jeff co-hosts 'Chat With Leaders' and 'The People Experience Pulse' podcasts, amplifying impactful narratives. With a dedication to Conscious Capitalism, he collaborates to rally purpose-driven leaders for collective growth. Rooted in Christian faith, Jeff finds strength in family values as a husband and father of three. Join him in shaping purpose-driven futures to elevate humanity.

Chat Guest

Roth Staffing based in Orange, CA welcomed Staci (Smith Johnson) Ingram into the fold in 2006. She served as Marketing Manager for three years until assuming the role of Director of Marketing in 2009. Roth Staffing named Staci the Vice President of Marketing in 2013 for her success in developing a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy for Roth Staffing Companies and its multiple business lines. She has since been promoted to Senior Vice President of Communications & Development.

During her tenure, Roth Staffing Companies’ marketing campaigns and digital platforms have received top honors from the American Staffing Association’s VOICE Awards including the Judge’s Choice and Best-of-Show Crystal Awards.

Prior to her role at Roth Staffing, Staci enjoyed a career in television. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in television production from San Francisco State University and her Master’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of California at Davis.

Her leadership in marketing is an integral part of why Roth Staffing is one of the largest privately-held staffing firms in the United States, operating over 100 locations across 20 states and the District of Columbia with over 400 co-workers across the country.

Chat Highlights

  1. Why do you put co-workers at the forefront of your business, even before your customers? 4 circles of success
  2. Why is it important for each of your co-workers and ambassadors to own their personal brand? How has this benefited the growth of Roth Staffing in the industry and helped lead to all your prestigious awards?
  3. With over 400 coworkers across 100+ branch locations in 20+ states around the country, making sure your values and brand experience remains consistent is a tremendous challenge. You and your team do a remarkable job with this. To what would you attribute your success in leading these initiatives?
  4. What is the social responsibility platform of Roth Staffing and why has that been such an integral part of your success?
  5. Aligning your values and purpose with that of the CEO/President/Owner of your company to have consistency and authenticity in your marketing and communications.
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Episode 10