Eddie Thomason: Victory Over Self Limiting Beliefs

Episode 40

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Jeff Bond

Jeff is the Co-Founder and Lead Producer of Chat With Leaders Media. Their mission is to help purpose-driven business leaders cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, scale revenue, and maximize social impact through amazing podcasts and content marketing. His vision is to elevate socially responsible businesses as a force for good that sustains our bright future. Jeff lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Katie, and 3 beautiful children.

Chat Guest

Eddie was born in Baltimore, MD into a family that has struggled with poverty for generations. 

Despite his humble beginnings, Eddie rose above his circumstances to become the first student to ever earn a D1 scholarship in the history of Chesapeake High School – BC. That led to him being the first male in his family to graduate from college when he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business from Bryant University. 

Eddie is a professional speaker with a passion to empower youth and young adults to shed self-limiting beliefs to pursue a life that they’re passionate about living.

Chat Highlights

  1. WHY did you decide to write your book Unlock Yourself: How to Earn the Success You were Born to Create?
  2. Your message is to educate your audience to know that no one is a product of their environment. How has this mission come into focus through your own story?
  3. As a speaker, you’re primarily focused on helping teens and young adults become empowered to own their purpose and future – how have you been able to connect this powerful message to your audience in today’s world?
  4. Given the challenges of 2020 around the virus, social distancing, social justice, and political divide – your audience is in the midst of a tremendous amount of uncertainty. What advice would you have for them to keep a positive focus and experience long term success?

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Episode 40