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Episode 48

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Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond is the CEO and Executive Producer of Chat With Leaders Media, the Atlanta-based production agency on a mission to help purpose-driven business leaders launch their own podcasts, cultivate authentic relationships with key stakeholders, grow revenue, reduce attrition, and maximize their capacity towards social impact. His vision is to elevate purpose-driven business leaders as a force for good that unifies our communities while empowering the next generation to carry the torch into a bright, sustainable future!

Chat Guest

Erik Nilsen received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management at York College of Pennsylvania in 2003 before starting his 17-year career in baseball.  Prior to working for Major League Baseball, Erik worked for the Hudson Valley Renegades (2003-2004) and was a Group Sales representative for the New York Mets (2004 – 2005).  In 2005, Erik brought his passion for baseball and helping people to the Baseball Assistance Team and in 2013, he was promoted to Executive Director.  In this role, he oversees the administration, fundraising, grant management, and marketing. 

He currently resides in Rockville Centre, NY with his wife, Allison, and two children, Helena & Chase.

Chat Highlights

  1. Why have you chosen to invest in the last 14+ years in the non-profit sector with the Baseball Assistance Team?
  2. What has been the biggest challenge in your leadership resulting from the coronavirus pandemic?
  3. How have you typically fundraised for the organization?
  4. What’s the importance of grooming leaders within your team and delegating responsibilities?
  5. What do you think leaders can be doing in the midst of multiple crises in 2020 to make sure they’re taking good care of themselves, their teams, and the communities they serve while continuing to stay focused on growth?

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Episode 48