Senour Reed: Nine Pillars Of Business Development Collaboration (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 75

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Jeff Bond

As the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner of People First Elevation Team, Jeff leads media strategies for global clients, enhancing content marketing, companywide meeting experiences, conferences, and cross-cultural training. With over 20 years of experience in media, technology, and marketing, Jeff founded Chat With Leaders Media in 2021 to elevate purpose-driven businesses in the marketplace. His core values are Partnership, Inclusion, and Empowerment. Jeff also co-hosts "The People Experience Pulse," a podcast that explores leadership strategies in People, Employee, and Human Experience (PX/EX/HX). Off the clock, he is a devoted husband, father of three, and active citizen in Atlanta, GA.

Senour Reed provides business development and community engagement offerings in the Atlanta market and is the co-author of The Nine Pillars Of Business Development Collaboration. With over 40 years of business development and marketing experience in domestic and international markets, Senour brings strategic vision, deep experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Senour also serves in a number of leadership roles in the Atlanta community.

If you didn’t listen to part one of this chat, go back to episode 74 first where Senour shares the first 5 of the 9 pillars with our community. We round out the journey of unpacking this brilliant framework with the next four pillars in this final episode of our two-part series.

Chat Highlights

  1. Pillar 6: Given the ubiquity of social media, why do most organizations fall short of having clear Social Media Best Practices and what can they be doing differently/better?
  2. Pillar 7: How have you built a Strategic Advisory over the course of your career and what value has it created for both your clients and your own professional growth?
  3. Pillar 8: As a provider, why is it critical to understand the Vertical and Horizontal Sectors and perspectives of your clients?
  4. Pillar 9: Why is it important for all companies to be Globally Aware regardless of whether they directly sell their goods or services globally?
  5. Bonus Discussion: How has Conscious Capitalism informed the way you look at doing business and feeling fulfilled in your career?


The Nine Pillars of Business Development Collaboration
Global Connect Group Website
Jabian Consulting Website
Technology Association of Georgia Website (TAG)
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
Georgia Department of Economic Development Website
Conscious Capitalism Website
Atlanta Technology Professionals
Atlanta Tech Village Website
Global Atlanta Website

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Episode 75