The Benefits Of ESG Thinking For Companies And Investors

Episode 113

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Hosted by
Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is the Director of Culture & Impact at Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce consultancy and certified B Corporation headquartered in Alpharetta. In addition to his full-time role at AdVic, Nathan is the co-founder and chair of B Local Georgia, a nonprofit network of for-profit B Corps working together to build the ‘business for good’ B Corp community in the Peach State.

Scott Sadler, CFA is the Founder and President of Boardwalk Capital Management in Atlanta, GA. Scott is a 30+year veteran of the investment industry.  He leads all investment research and management for Boardwalk.  His experience includes wealth management for affluent clients of Goldman Sachs, Wachovia Asset Management, and Bank of America across the United States and Canada. He was also the founder, and for seven years, the lead manager of a top-ranked international (emerging markets) mutual fund.

Boardwalk Capital Management was the first wealth management firm that is also a Certified B Corporation in the Southeast.

Nathan sits down with Scott to unpack the major benefits of ESG thinking for companies and investors and the greatest lessons he’s learned through his experience. 


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Episode 113