Empowering Youth To Escape Poverty Through Exposure To Business & Leadership

Episode 117

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Jeff Bond

As the CEO of Chat With Leaders Media and Executive Partner at People-First Elevation Team, I lead a dedicated team specializing in thought leadership development, stakeholder engagement, and effective global communication. We excel in producing corporate podcasts, meetings, and events to drive customer and team member acquisition, retention, and engagement. Additionally, we provide speaker coaching to empower thought leaders within our clients' organizations.

My approach is grounded in Conscious Capitalism, fostering leaders with a values-driven, pro-capitalism perspective. I firmly believe in business's transformative power, not only as a commercial venture but as a catalyst for lasting social and generational impact.

Beyond my professional role, I cherish my most significant leadership role as a father to three children, alongside my wife Katie. This personal aspect deeply influences my professional path, aligning my business strategies with family values, faith, and community service in Atlanta, GA.

Future Successors in Atlanta, GA was born in 2012 by Niki Watson as the founder of the nonprofit. The organization encourages underrepresented youth to find their passion to live out their purpose by equipping them with entrepreneurship and leadership skills under FOUR PILLARS: Communication, Explore, Respect, and Believe.

Jeff chats with Niki about her story of escaping poverty in Augusta, GA where she witnessed firsthand how drugs and poor education squandered the lives of many community members. This fueled her fire to help better equip our next generation in underserved communities by demonstrating how to discover a better life was possible through education, business, and leadership.

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Episode 117